Barn Door Kites


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Gobo rotators are metal frames designed to hold a gobo. They have a much larger cross-section (thicker) than a regular gobo holder due to the motors and gearing required to facilitate rotation. Because of their increased thickness, gobo rotators are not placed inside fixture through the specifically designed opening (the gobo slot) but instead install into the accessory (iris) slot. Installing the rotator in the accessory slot still places te pattern inside the focal plane of a fixture, allowing adjustments to the image (creating hard or soft edges). All gobo rotators require an external power source, separate from the lighting fixtures power. Many models allow for remote DMX512 control of motor, permitting fine control of rotation speed and orientation of pattern. Features can also include uni- or bi-directional control of the rotation of a pattern, as well as indexing (tracking a patterns position to return it to the same orientation repeatedly. ) Several models are available which can hold two patterns simultaneously, and may allow patterns to rotate separately or in opposite directions.