Eye Guy Ben 10 Omniverse


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In the reboot, he is slimmer, the spike on his head is now at an angle, he wears a black bodysuit with a pointed yellow line, and the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest. In this incarnation, Diamondhead's donor is of the war-like Subsapien offshoot who are manipulated by another Petropian species known as the Antrosapiens into fighting their fellow surface Petrosapiens. The Subsapiens are based around uncut crystal, while the Surface Petrosapiens are based around the finished crystals found in jewelry. Diamondhead later gains the ability to become Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead with Shock Rock's armor forming around his torso, shoulders, head, and arms. He has two blue energy spikes on each arm, V-shaped energy below the Omnitrix symbol on his chest, energy coming out of rocks on his back, and energy on his head coming out of the rock. He retains his crystallokinesis, but also gains the ability to absorb energy and reshape his limbs into either an energy sword or a blaster gun using absorbed energy.