Guardian Cosmos Cosplay


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Takeuchi desired to create a series about girls in outer space; her editor, Fumio Osano, suggested that Takeuchi add the "sailor suit" motif in the uniform worn by the Sailor Soldiers. [page needed] Originally, each of the Soldiers were intended to have their own unique outfit; however, it was later determined that they would wear uniforms based on a single theme, and Sailor Moon's costume concept was the closest to that which would eventually be used for all the girls. [citation needed] While the Soldiers first uniforms had slight differences, Takeuchi settled on a more unified appearance in later stages of character design. Within the Sailor Soldiers, only the outfit worn by Sailor Venus during her time as Sailor V varies significantly from the others; however, Sailor Moon, whatever form she takes, always has a more elaborate costume than any of the others. She also gains individual power-ups more frequently than any other character. Sailor Soldiers originating from outside the Solar System have different and varying outfits; however, one single feature – the sailor collar – connects them all. [citation needed]