J Ax


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In 2006 J-Ax released his first solo album, Di sana pianta. This album, which was very pop oriented, spawned no fewer than six singles: "S. N. O. B. ", "Tua mamma", "Ti amo o ti ammazzo", "Acqua nella scuola", "Piccoli per sempre" and "Escono i pazzi". The single "Ti amo o ti ammazzo" was also translated and released in Spanish as "Te amo o te mato". This album continued themes used by Articolo 31, such as knowing love ("Ti amo o ti ammazzo"), criticising society, ("S. N. O. B. ", "Tua mamma") and the protection of immigrants ("Escono i pazzi", "Fumo ancora"). In 2007 he teamed up with The Styles to release the single "Più Stile", which won at the MTV Europe Music Awards for "Best Italian Act". In the same year, he released material with some of "Spaghetti Funk", a crew which he created at the same time as Articolo 31 in the 90s with Gemelli DiVersi, Space One, Raptuz TDK (a writer) and a lot of other singers that now aren't in the crew. Later the album Di sana pianta he released the song "S. N. O. B. reloaded" with Space One, Gué Pequeno, Jake La Furia, Marracash, Don Joe and Fabio B. In 2007, he also participated in MTV Day with DJ Jad and reformed their old group for a day.