Julia Perez


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In early October 2014, Perez announced she had visited Singapore to consider her options for having a baby via sperm donation—a prohibited procedure in Indonesia. There was speculation at the time that she was suffering cancer and wanted to have a baby before the cancer advanced. Later that same month, Perez revealed that seven months previously (around March 2014) she had been diagnosed with Stage 2a cervical cancer. She later clarified the cancer had been identified at Stage 1b. In Singapore, she underwent chemotherapy, radiation treatment and ovarian removal. In January 2015, she announced she was looking forward to returning to showbiz work, declaring she had completely recovered from the cancer. In April 2016, she appeared publicly with her head shaved, saying it was an act of support for cancer sufferers, especially women. Despite her treatment, the cancer spread and by December 2016 had reached Stage 4. In 2017, Perez was being treated in Jakarta's Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital. She had become reliant on donations from friends and supporters to cover her heavy medical bills for chemotherapy and other treatment. Among those helping to pay her bills was Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, better known as Ahok, who had served as Jakarta governor until being jailed for blasphemy against Islam in May 2017. During his last visit to Julia in April 2017, he said she should not worry about paying her bills.